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tickets, i get tickets

new york is a great place to live, because there are nearly no limits to the fun and cool things you can do.

new york is a horrible place to live, because there are nearly no limits to the fun and cool things you can do.

both are true, of course. i usually resist the temptation to do everything i want to do in this city, because you would go seriously broke doing so.

but today i broke down and got two pairs of tickets to upcoming events.

the first is tomorrow night–the charles aznavour concert at radio city music hall. the guy’s 82, so this will undoubtedly be the last chance anyone ever has to see him, and who could pass that up? i went to get a pair of the cheapest tickets i could find, and the very helpful woman in the ticket booth clued me in to a pair of obstructed view tickets–front row, second mezzanine. very nice tickets, and the only obstruction is that you are next to the sound board, so you can’t see the people on the other side of the sound board.

big deal–i’m pretty sure i wouldn’t have liked those people anyway. thanks, cool ticket booth woman, for hooking me up.

the second set of tickets was for grey gardens, which i’ve written about many times before. i saw it off broadway and didn’t want to miss it when it moved to broadway–it was my favorite musical last year, and christine ebersole gives one of the most amazing performances you will ever see.

i’d gotten ticket offers but neglected to follow up, and then they expired and i thought i would have to (shudder) pay full price. i would have, though.

and then today the ny times had an article about the nederlanders’ new venture,, which is supposed to be a ticket buying hub that gives you points for buying tickets, much like frequent flyer miles or whatever. and since i’m a big fan of double and triple dipping my points/miles, i checked it out.

and lo and behold, they had an exclusive deal on grey gardens tickets.

sold. nice seats, center orchestra row h, nearly half price. good for them, and good for me. except that the website was a bit balky, and there’s no mention anywhere of any points that i got for buying tickets, and the whole thing ended up being a front end for telecharge.

oh well. at least i got my tickets.

i’ll let you know how charles aznavour (tickets: tomorrow night) was.

i know how grey gardens (tickets: end of october) is going to be.

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