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Monthly Archives: October 2006

grey gardens on turner classic movies


the film, and the stars of the broadway production: David and Albert Maysles’ 1975 documentary, “Grey Gardens,” will appear on cable’s Turner Classic Movies (TCM) Oct. 29 in a presentation that includes the stars of the new Broadway musical of the same name. The film portrait of Jackie Bouvier’s aunt and cousin, Edith Bouvier Beale […]

problems with electronic voting


early voting has begun in florida, and there are problems already. people’s votes for democratic candidates are being recorded for their republican opponents. of course, election officials are assuring people that the errors can be fixed on the spot. if, of course, you are savvy enough to catch the mistake, and aggressive enough to alert […]

things that have recently made me cranky


the old guy sitting next to me at “grey gardens” wednesday night made me very cranky. first of all, though he was ancient and practically bald, he still had a ponytail. bad form. when we were going to our seats, before i knew i was sitting next to him, i overheard him complaining about his […]

interesting this-and-thats


» curious as to where you really fall on the political spectrum? take this quiz. i’m Economic Left/Right: -2.75 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.56, which puts me in the company of gandhi, the dalai lama, and nelson mandela. better than the opposite quadrant, which includes such luminaries as hitler and george w. bush. » the greedy landlords […]

grey gardens: a fresh triumph


the old grey gardens? the best show i saw last year. the new grey gardens? one of the best shows i have ever seen. many people thought (and i did too, on reflection) that the first act needed tightening. they’ve done it with fairly extensive changes, while plumping up everything thematic and dramatic. the second […]

grey gardens tonight


tonight is the night of my return to the splendor of grey gardens. i can hardly wait. i’ve blathered on extensively about this show, and about how much i loved it when i saw it at playwrights horizons last year. and now it’s on broadway. and, instead of hearing myself sing “la da da da […]

sing it, emily dickinson


you can sing all of emily dickinson’s poems to the tune of the theme from “gilligan’s island”. did you know that? my former students do. most of them were forced to hear me sing “because i could not stop for death” or some such thing. you can also sing her poems to the tune of […]

apple and mac still [nearly] perfect


last night i tried to go to the iTunes music store, but couldn’t connect. i kept getting an error message. what? my mac isn’t perfect? no, of course not. we had an issue with the isync in kirk’s account that was particularly vexing. but other than that, i’ve had no problems and have done little […]

tigers over the cardinals in five


unless it’s a four-game sweep, which is very possible. you heard it here first. well, maybe not first, but you heard it here, anyway.

thanks, mets


no, i mean that. no irony, no sarcasm, no bitterness. it’s been a great season, full of highs and ups, and very few lows and downs. i had fun when i went to shea, and i’ll miss the creaky old place when it’s gone. i even enjoyed the food, especially since i found mama’s of […]

olbermann eviscerates bush


this is as cogent a summary of the peril we face as a country as i’ve seen. i’ll reprint it here in its entirety, for convenience. or watch the video embedded on the link. it’s brilliant. And lastly, as promised, a Special Comment tonight on the signing of the Military Commissions Act and the loss […]

why republicans are in trouble


howard kurtz, in his washington post media column, sums it up rather well: Start with a war in Iraq that has gone seriously south. Cut to a devastating hurricane and the government’s botched response. Then you have the Hammer getting hammered, as Tom DeLay gets indicted, gives up his majority leader post and then resigns. […]

elbow through the picasso


it’s an old joke in our family. whenever we got together for a holiday dinner, someone inevitably would put their elbow in the butter, because there were so many people crowded around a table overflowing with food. and the butter would end up near someone’s elbow, and there you have it. it was me a […]

ya gotta believe, period


ok, i’m through with my dithering and waffling and prevarication. i’m a believer. after the last game, in which oliver perez did well enough and the mets hitters did more than well enough, i’m breathing a bit easier. and it’s probably going to rain today in st. louis, which means that the game may be […]

tell me again i gotta believe


i know the mets are only down one game. i know it’s only two games to one. and i know i gotta believe. and i still do, mostly. but i am worried. the mets looked bad last night, excpt for darren oliver, who probably should have started the game in the first place. i know […]

ya gotta believe, and all


ok, i’m breathing a little easier. the mets got it done last night, with a combination of brilliant pitching (from glavine, the one pitcher you expected to get brilliant pitching from) and one timely hit (from beltran, the one guy that you hoped to get a key hit from). it wasn’t an offensive onslaught, but […]

mets versus mets


i don’t think the mets are playing the st. louis cardinals in the national league championship. i think they are up against themselves, with something to prove. there’s a lot of history to overcome, a lot of conventional wisdom to prove wrong, and a lot of naysayers to be enlightened. because, truth be told, st. […]

it just gets worse


yankees pitcher cory lidle was on the plane that flew into the building. my thoughts and prayers are with his family.

jittery but fine


it doesn’t take much for a new yorker to get taken back mentally to 9/11. especially when a plane crashes into a manhattan high rise. on 10/11. i know that the human mind puts concidences together, and makes logical sense of them. and the 10/11 date is just that–a coincidence. still, it was an odd […]

that obnoxious chevy trucks ad


you’ve probably seen it. the one with the john cougar, i mean mellencamp, song, and the pictures of rosa parks and martin luther king, vietnam and nixon. and 9/11. fucking chevrolet. using imagery of 9/11 to sell a gas-sucking pickup truck. that’s wrong, wrong, wrong, in so many ways. the first time i saw this […]