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that obnoxious chevy trucks ad

you’ve probably seen it. the one with the john cougar, i mean mellencamp, song, and the pictures of rosa parks and martin luther king, vietnam and nixon.

and 9/11.

fucking chevrolet. using imagery of 9/11 to sell a gas-sucking pickup truck. that’s wrong, wrong, wrong, in so many ways. the first time i saw this commercial, i screamed at the frigging tv. i was in the city when 9/11 happened, i experienced the ensuing chaos firsthand (though, thank god, i was in midtown and not downtown).

and, as i sat on a bus crossing the pulaski bridge from queens to brooklyn, i cried looking at the shafts of light reaching to the sky. the same image that chevrolet is now callously using to merchandise their spectacularly craptastic consumer product.

slate has a longer piece on this subject, a great read and far more coherent than i’ll be on the subject. check it out.

and don’t go buying any chevy trucks, or chevy anything for that matter. chevrolet can try to wrap themselves in faux patriotism all they want, in order to try to sell trucks to the clueless.

but no one is that clueless, and i’m certainly not.

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