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mets versus mets

i don’t think the mets are playing the st. louis cardinals in the national league championship.

i think they are up against themselves, with something to prove. there’s a lot of history to overcome, a lot of conventional wisdom to prove wrong, and a lot of naysayers to be enlightened.

because, truth be told, st. louis really isn’t much competition on paper, other than albert pujols. a lot of their key players are out, or playing hurt. unlike the mets, who are at full strength and completely healthy.


the mets have just as many problems as st. louis, if not more. but i just get the feeling that the world series this year is meant to be detroit vs. new york. it would be the best possible remaining combination for tv ratings, for fan interest, for historical significance, and for great baseball games in october.

but the mets, to live up to their end of the bargain, are going to really have to reach deep. they are winning postseason games through power hitting, and not through good pitching, and that’s a dangerous thing. great pitching trumps great hitting, right? so, to continue to win, the mets are going to have to keep their hitting hot, which won’t be easy, and they are going to have to have some second-line pitchers (john maine? steve trachsel? oliver perez?) really step up with career-defining performances. if this happens, they will mow down st. louis, and detroit as well.

it’s going to be tough. it’s a tall order.

mets vs. mets. 2004-type mets versus 2006-type mets. who will win?

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