tell me again i gotta believe

i know the mets are only down one game. i know it’s only two games to one.

and i know i gotta believe. and i still do, mostly.

but i am worried.

the mets looked bad last night, excpt for darren oliver, who probably should have started the game in the first place. i know that steve trachsel deserved a start and all, but he looked doubtful about his prospects from the first pitch, and he pitched that way. tentative, and not at all commanding.

hey willie. i don’t care how much we pay this guy. leave him off the world series roster, assuming we get there. or immediately yank him at the very first sign of trouble. even though he barely pitched more than an inning last night, willie still left him in too long.

we’d better win tonight, and oliver perez had better pitch the game of his life. if he doesn’t, this thing might not even get back to new york.

tell you what, though. i’m been sportin’ for the tigers all season, and telling everyone i know that they were the team to beat, even with their end-of-season swoon. and the tigers’ league championship clinching win yesterday was a classic game in every respect, from the come-from-behind tying of the game, to the heads-up gutsy play, to the walk-off ninth inning home run. they are the big story of the post-season, the yankees-and-oakland-slaying davids, and they are in my estimation the team to beat this post-season.

in all honesty, i don’t see either st. louis or the mets geting anywhere against them. and i don’t think that many other people will, either.

which puts the mets in an underdog position, both in the league championship and in a possible world series berth.

exactly where they need to be. exactly where the mets always function best.

ok–with a little circular logic, i’ve talked my way through this. here’s my revised prediction: mets in seven for the league championship, and mets in seven thrilling games in the world series.

ya gotta believe!