ya gotta believe, period

ok, i’m through with my dithering and waffling and prevarication. i’m a believer.

after the last game, in which oliver perez did well enough and the mets hitters did more than well enough, i’m breathing a bit easier.

and it’s probably going to rain today in st. louis, which means that the game may be rained out. and if it is rained out, it’ll give glavine another day of rest, and he’ll pitch at full strength. even if it isn’t rained out, i’ll still take tom glavine on short rest over jeff weaver, who lost to glavine in game one.

and in any case, last night’s victory ensured that the series will return to new york. yesterday i said mets in seven games.

i’m thinking it might be six. after last night, i think the mets are finally motivated enough to get this thing done. the slump is over, the hitting is back, and the pitching will hold up enough to get the job done.

we may even have el duque back for a world series start, which would just be a bonus. please, though, no more steve trachsel. anyone but trachsel. start darren oliver instead of trachsel. start aaron heilman. leave trachsel off the world series roster.

let me repeat that, willie, and omar. leave trachsel off the world series roster. you aren’t going to start him, if you have an ounce of sense, which you do, and you sure as hell aren’t bringing him in for relief. don’t waste the roster space. sorry if that sounds cruel, but the mets would be better served with an extra position player, or heath bell in the bullpen, or dave williams instead of trachsel. you aren’t re-signing him anyway–so what if his feelings are hurt or whatever.

and, as a footnote, the mets-tigers world series won’t be seven thrilling games. it’ll be six thrilling games and one blowout game. probably the mets getting blown out at home. but, still, mets in seven.

ya gotta believe!