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grey gardens tonight

tonight is the night of my return to the splendor of grey gardens. i can hardly wait.

i’ve blathered on extensively about this show, and about how much i loved it when i saw it at playwrights horizons last year.

and now it’s on broadway. and, instead of hearing myself sing “la da da da da” in that perfect five-note sequence that cracks me up every time i think of it, i get to hear christine ebersole sing it. it’s part of the first song (“revolutionary costume for today”) of act two, or at least it was, and it’s the first time you see ebersole as little edie instead of big edie, the character she plays in the first act. she’s describing her inimitable clothing choices–it’s the most memorable performance of a song i’ve seen on broadway in years.

you gotta see it.

like me, tonight.

and, as a side note, we’re seeing a preview performance of the little dog laughed on friday, which we’re really looking forward to. kirk knows the playwright from back in the day in hometown pennsylvania, and we’ve heard good things about it. we’re looking forward to it.

but not like i’m looking forward to tonight.

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