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» curious as to where you really fall on the political spectrum? take this quiz. i’m Economic Left/Right: -2.75 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.56, which puts me in the company of gandhi, the dalai lama, and nelson mandela. better than the opposite quadrant, which includes such luminaries as hitler and george w. bush.

» the greedy landlords are at it again. this time they are trying to tear down the building that houses le madeleine on 43rd between 9th and 10th, one of our favorite restaurants. do me a favor and sign the petition. the details are here.

» danny rolling was executed yesterday. i lived in gainesville when the student murders took place, and it was a truly frightening experience. i lived blocks away from victims’ houses, and blocks away from the woods where danny rolling lived in his tent. i’m against capital punishment, though something like this certainly gives you cause to reexamine the strength of your convictions.

» new jersey is on the verge of allowing gay marriages that theoretically should be honored in other states. as far as i’m concerned, i got married by a minister, and i’m married in the eyes of god, and that’s that. the state thinks otherwise, obviously. kirk and i registered as domestic partners in new york city at the time of our ceremony–i’d like to see that given the same legal rights as marriage. i don’t want to get married again–once should be enough if i have the paperwork to prove it. there should be an amnesty or something. but if going through another ceremony would give me equivalent rights, or advance the cause, i guess i’d do it.

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