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Monthly Archives: October 2006

odds and ends


finally someone actually gets the importance and quality of the movie “shortbus”. the movie had a $21,000+ average per screen in its first weekend, so i have a feeling that the ride on the shortbus is just beginning. the folks who run the website for grey gardens, the musical were kind enough to link to […]

shortbus: instant classic


kirk and i saw shortbus last night, and loved it. the times has a great review (registration required). i’ve written about it earlier–it’s the new movie from john cameron mitchell, the creator of hedwig. he wanted to make a movie that celebrates sex, and depicts it graphically and honestly in the context of story, plot, […]

a chorus line, and ted’s, and danny’s


kirk and i saw the new broadway production of a chorus line last night. and we are impressed. kirk had seen the original production, with the original cast. twice. sometimes i just get so jealous of him. anyway, he thought that it compared favorably with the original. i’d never seen it live (only the movie […]

busy busy week


kirk and i had a blast camping this past weekend. great meals cooked over a fire built with 30-year-old oak logs, an all-day hike over gorgeous wooded terrain in perfect 60-degree weather, and a tent that didn’t leak [much] during the saturday night rainstorm. who could ask for more? we’ll probably go camping again soon–kirk’s […]