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Monthly Archives: November 2006

time off update


quite a bit of time off work–last thursday through yesterday (tuesday). back at work and getting caught up, so this’ll be a quick one. » thanksgiving dinner was excellent. i’ll post some pictures later–outstanding pennsylvania dutch food in large quantities, followed by a turkey dinner at home. yummo, as rachael ray would say. » the […]

the best $100 i spend each month


a couple of years ago i had surgery on my lower back. although surgery is often not necessary, it was in my case. unless i wanted to be a depends-wearing cripple with a metal strap around my foot and no sexual function. and, really, who wants that? the surgery was very successful in that i […]

breaking news you missed


great article bemoaning the [lack of] importance of stories classified as “breaking news”, via daring fireball. it’s true. the wedding of tom cruise and katie holmes is not breaking news. and at the end of the article, there’s a link to a devastating article about the unsealing of a holocaust archive. from the article: A […]

evening of planned excess


it’s not my fault, really. it just worked out this way. tonight is the first night of beaujolais nouveau. “beaujolais nouveau est arrivé!” as the french say. and kirk and i will be sampling tonight at le jardin bistro. we got an emailed invite from them–buy dinner and have as much beaujolais nouveau as you […]

fisher price technology integration


think your job is boring? think again. from the article: Ryan H was pretty excited to start his new job as a developer. But his excitement quickly faded after he started. It didn’t fade into apprehension, disappointment, or regret — just into nothing; he simply stopped feeling anything at all. This type of apathy is […]

hello, nairobi


i recently started using google analytics to see what i could find out about how my site is used. to start with, let me assure you that there’s no personal info collected or recorded. it’s all just aggregated info, like how many people came from google, and yahoo, and msn, and who uses internet explorer […]

evil dead, the musical


saw the early show (7:30pm) of “evil dead, the musical” friday night. i was slightly skeptical, to be honest, as i’m not a fan of horror films. but after reading a ny times review i was a bit intrigued, and we got a deal on tickets, and there you go. thankfully, our seats were toward […]

eucharist, and a movie


the new york times has a new daily email they call “urbanite”. i like it quite a lot; yesterday, they had a blurb about a presentation of a movie by paul festa at st. bartholomew’s church called apparition of the eternal church that sounded fun. all i knew was that it was named after a […]



i swore i’d never embed a youtube link on my site, but this one is just too good to pass up. it was made before the election, and with the exception of the ned lamont bit, it turned out to be remarkably prescient. brilliantly assembled, set to an outstanding george michael classic, and guaranteed to […]

the rest of the election story


what’s missing from the nonstop election coverage today? i’ll tell you what. it’s a discussion of how far down the ticket the sweep went. this daily kos story is called “dems kick ass in state legislatures”. it’s not just a victory on the national level. it’s in state houses, and i expect that it goes […]

news alert 1, and news alert 2!


news alert one just hit my email inbox: Tester defeats burns for the montana senate seat. great news, but not unexpected. news alert two followed two minutes later: rumsfeld to resign. damn! damn! finally we’re getting somewhere!

some facts about the new order


some random thoughts, blatantly stolen from various uncredited sources this morning: karl rove was the mastermind of the largest electoral setback for republicans in quite some time. go karl. not such a wizard now, dude. america’s message to george w. bush: shut the fuck up. this is the first morning in the long march toward […]

gay marriage ban defeated in arizona


there is so much to celebrate this morning. the house has returned to democratic control, and, much more improbably, there’s a good chance the senate will too. but the news i’m cheering the most is from arizona. that very republican state became the first state in the country to reject a gay marriage ban. the […]

rev. ted haggard to undergo reparation therapy


did you see this coming a mile off, like i did? i know he’s a hypocrite, and i know he’s done irreparable damage to gay rights through his support of anti-gay initiatives, and i know he’s a liar, and a scumbag, and every other pejorative word you could come up with. but today i read […]

steve reich’s “the cave”


i saw a performance of this work on saturday–the ny times had a great review (free registration required). according to reich, it’s a “documentary video opera”. sounds dense, you say? it’s not. and it was surprisingly engaging and enjoyable. kirk was the assistant stage manager for touring “cave” performances for a while, so he was […]

kristen hall, not kristin hall


good lord. ever have one of those moments when you wonder just how much more embarrassed you could possibly be? I’m having one of those now. i’ve been blogging (blathering, really) for years about how much i love kristin hall. about how kristin hall is my favorite artist. about how i want “peaches” by kristin […]

to think about when voting


two stories you may have missed: andrew sullivan writes about the deliberate u.s. pullout from an area where a u.s. soldier is being held captive. does this not pretty much define “cut and run”? if this happened under the watch of a sitting democratic president, the hue and cry would drown everything else in the […]

grey gardens ny times rave review


well, to be honest, ben brantley’s review has a couple of quibbles. one about the length of the first act (i get what he’s saying, but it doesn’t bother me) and one about the actress portraying young little edie in the first act (i disagree; i think her performance is a perfectly understated complement to […]

fake steve is [not] john gruber


so out of boredom i made an anonymous post to a thread on the “fake steve jobs” site. wherein i hypothesized that fake steve was john gruber, of daring fireball fame. it’s an idle guess, but one that makes a bit of sense. to me there’s always been an east coast vibe behind the west […]

cringe-worthy zune tv commercials


the zune is microsoft’s answer to the ipod, and it’s coming at you sometime in november. if you do a bit of research, you’ll see that the ipod’s dominance is probably not at all threatened by this ill-conceived electronic gadget. microsoft will sell quite a few at the expense of the market share of ipod’s […]