kristen hall, not kristin hall

good lord. ever have one of those moments when you wonder just how much more embarrassed you could possibly be?

I’m having one of those now.

i’ve been blogging (blathering, really) for years about how much i love kristin hall. about how kristin hall is my favorite artist. about how i want “peaches” by kristin hall to be played at my funeral. about how my favorite two cds by any artist of all time are “fact and fiction” and “be careful what you wish for”. and about how high my gooogle ranking was for kristin hall related searches.

blah, blah, blah.

and now i realize that i have been spelling her name wrong. for at least two years on my site.

it’s kristen hall, idiot.

i really don’t undertand how i did this. i’m a fanatically accurate speller, especially of names. i used to be rain man with names when i was a yearbook adviser. I could blow students away with my memory of who was carrie versus cari versus kerry versus cary. i could spell 12-letter polish names with ease.

it’s no wonder “kristin hall” got me so many google hits. everyone else was spelling her name correctly, and i was getting the spelling-challenged crowd to visit. and the worst part is how many times i linked to the kristen hall website and never noticed the “e” versus the “i”.

not to mention how many times i’ve looked at cd covers.

i’m sorry to have propagated this misspelling.

i’m an idiot.

hopefully this posting will somewhat mitigate my past misdeeds. and i’ve edited all the pages (and the site category) to correct the spelling.

it may seem i’m making a mountain out of a molehill. but writing this is a process–it’s a reminder to myself to be more humble about my abilities.

and to not take anything for granted.