some facts about the new order

some random thoughts, blatantly stolen from various uncredited sources this morning:

karl rove was the mastermind of the largest electoral setback for republicans in quite some time. go karl. not such a wizard now, dude.

america’s message to george w. bush: shut the fuck up.

this is the first morning in the long march toward eliminating the evil influence of christian evangelicals in this country. christians like me are no longer going to stand for their nonsense.

the power has shifted from the south of america to the coasts, with a sprinkling of midwest for good measure.

not that i ever would have, but i’m glad i didn’t move to canada. if you actually did move to canada, shame on you. but you should come back now.

lost in the noise of this election: katrina. let’s not continue to forget it.

assuming that the democrats’ lead in virginia and montana senate races holds, the democratic party will have pitched a shutout. actually, make that a near-perfect game, except that they walked senator-elect bob corker from tennessee.

the country’s message to democrats: clean up the mess. be sensible. don’t overreach. you have a mandate for change, but it’s limited in scope.