evil dead, the musical

saw the early show (7:30pm) of “evil dead, the musical” friday night.

i was slightly skeptical, to be honest, as i’m not a fan of horror films. but after reading a ny times review i was a bit intrigued, and we got a deal on tickets, and there you go.

thankfully, our seats were toward the back. the first three rows are splatter central–even though the fake blood washes out, it’s still a pain and i didn’t feel like dealing. plus, the younguns were clamoring to be splattered, so let them have the fun.

and even though i wasn’t splattered with gore, i still had a tremendously good time. the attitude of the book and the music is just right–it’s a complete parody, never takes itself or the genre seriously (and the actors don’t, either). the tunes are especially catchy and hilarious, my favorite being “what the fuck was that”.

went home humming that one. and others, too.

grey gardens-style high art it ain’t, and it’s not supposed to be. it’s just meant to be a lot of gory, bloody, funny, silly fun, and it succeeds at this wildly. we’ll probably go back at some point, and take some friends.

a nice surprise was seeing our old friend kenny working in the box office–he used to work with kirk at the westside. we like kenny quite a bit.

and afterwards we had a few (o.k. then, more than a few) at danny’s. gotta go there every chance we get, before it closes in january. i’ll miss that dump.