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evening of planned excess

it’s not my fault, really. it just worked out this way.

tonight is the first night of beaujolais nouveau. “beaujolais nouveau est arrivé!” as the french say.

and kirk and i will be sampling tonight at le jardin bistro. we got an emailed invite from them–buy dinner and have as much beaujolais nouveau as you want, straight from the barrel.


it’s among our favorite french bistros in new york, so we like going there anyway. the beaujolais nouveau is just a bonus.

dinner is going to be followed by a late night performance by kiki and herb at joe’s pub. i’ve written a lot about kiki and herb, but my recent viewings have been in broadway and off-broadway theaters. joe’s pub is a tiny (by comparison) performance space seating maybe 200 people. i’m really looking forward to seeing them again in an intimate space, where kiki can again walk on my table and throw matches at me.

nothing like it.

and, best yet, i have the day off work tomorrow. good thing, since kiki and herb don’t even get started until midnight. but i have to be up by 2:00 or so, because we have tickets for the new bond movie, “casino royale”, at the ziegfeld. great place to see a great movie. probably the best moviegoing experience i ever had in my life was seeing “moulin rouge” at the ziegfeld. they have real red velvet curtains that open to reveal the screen, and when they parted, the movie started, and the first thing you saw was red velvet curtains parting, in the movie, to start the film. amazingly cool.

but i digress.

it’ll be a great night. more detail to come, assuming i can remember it.

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  1. tympani smith

    you shouldn’t be drinking no wine. stick to beer.

    Posted on 20-Nov-06 at 4:25 pm | Permalink

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