time off update

quite a bit of time off work–last thursday through yesterday (tuesday). back at work and getting caught up, so this’ll be a quick one.

» thanksgiving dinner was excellent. i’ll post some pictures later–outstanding pennsylvania dutch food in large quantities, followed by a turkey dinner at home. yummo, as rachael ray would say.

» the closets are organized. i spent too much money on plastic containers, and put all the loose items in my closets into them. so much better.

» the christmas cards are in the mail. kirk and i do a custom card every year, and this year’s version is amazing (if i do say so myself). if you know me well enough to get a card, and you don’t get one, let me know and i’ll put you on my list. hint: this year’s card is round, shiny, metallic, and full of bits and bytes.

» kiki and herb’s christmas show is at the bowery ballroom this year. we have tickets–you should too.

more to come later. stay tuned.