on the use of “happy holidays”

a lot of people think this phrase is a politically correct copout.

i don’t agree.

i’m a christian. you are not. or maybe you are. how the hell do i know? saying “happy holidays” is just being sensitive of other people’s beliefs, and doesn’t assume that everyone believes the way you do.

more importantly, i’d argue that saying “happy holidays” promotes the concept that god reveals himself, herself, or itself through many religions and traditions, all of which can be a conduit to truth and peace. that’s what i believe, anyway.

so my use of “happy holidays’ is, in a sense, much more spiritual than just saying “merry christmas”. and spirituality is what religion should be about, right?

so there.

i was told on the phone the other day by someone, “happy holidays, if you celebrate one”.

now that’s going too far.