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Monthly Archives: January 2007

58% of americans are complacent, selfish idiots


that’s one way to look at the results of this poll, which compares the reactions of americans to their counterparts in other countries. from the article: People in Latin America were most worried while U.S. citizens were least concerned with just 42 percent rating global warming “very serious.” The United States emits about a quarter […]

la casserole–18th arrondisement, paris


this is the restaturant where kirk and i sang, ate, drank, socialized, and had an enormously good time until 5am. here are the pictures: « click on thumbnails to view pictures » “cerf”, a.k.a.rudolph huge filetof beef liquidrefreshment la casserolefood fest birthdaycake birthdaycake la casserolefood fest la casserolefood fest la casserolefood fest la casserolefood fest […]

i’m still here


i know, it’s been a while. it’s been quite a month. first, my group of five people at my place of employment was cut to two. just my boss and me. so, as you can imagine, i’ve been quite busy at work, which spills over into quite busy at home. you get the picture. and […]