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Monthly Archives: February 2007

what i wanted to do


coming to work this morning, i made the usual trek from subway to building. it’s all underground, and the entrance to my building is a revolving door in the lower level concourse of rockefeller center. i’m assuming you know how a revolving door works. you push, and walk forward, and the door spins. unless, of […]

the meat tray, part 2


nearly two years ago i wrote about my joy in receiving an enormous tray of meat as a prize in a raffle. kirk and i were in reading, pennsylvania visiting his parents, and returned to the scene of the crime. the local fire company has an occasional sunday breakfast as a fundraiser. it features salted […]

justin bond and the monks


sunday and monday, i attended back to back theatrical events that showcased the variety of opportunities for fun in new york city. on monday night, i was at joe’s pub for the inaugural talk show with justin bond. justin bond is the performer who portrays kiki of kiki and herb, who i write about all […]

we have wii, and you can too


i couldn’t stand it any more. i’ve been wanting a wii for months, and my hit-and-miss approach to various nyc stores wasn’t working. and i wasn’t about to pay the ebay premium for a console. so i visited the nintendo store in rockefeller plaza on friday, and asked how to go about getting one. “show […]

must be something in the dirty water


oh, boston. i’m glad you aren’t my home. the home of public officials so stupid that they can’t tell the difference between a lite-brite and a terrorist bomb device. basically, it was guerilla marketing in a couple of dozen cities over the past few weeks. none of the other cities were idiotic enough to think […]