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Monthly Archives: March 2007

the millenium the music died


there’s an unbroken line that runs from frank sinatra, to elvis, to the beatles, to david bowie, to the sex pistols, to u2, to nirvana, to eminem. someone was always around to shake things up and make music interesting again, when all was looking irretrievably lost. the sex pistols had sid. u2 has bono. nirvana […]

i’m not buying an apple tv


at least not yet, i’m not. i know–heresy. i have my reasons. the apple tv is a not-unattractive box that wirelessly connects your computer to your widescreen hdtv. that allows you to listen to your itunes music, and watch your itunes videos, all on your tv. pretty cool, huh? really i think it is pretty […]

wal-mart gives up on manhattan


from the ny times this morning: wal-mart has given up efforts to locate a store in manhattan it’s a free country and they are free to try to build in manhattan if they can. and it’s a free country and manhattanites can do everything in their power to stop them. and i’m glad they did. […]

hacking john mccain


apparently john mccain doesn’t quite get how those internets work, with all the tubes and whatnot. or at least his staff doesn’t. turns out that they stole their my space page design, and linked back to the original page for their artwork. which meant that the poor original designer had to foot the bill for […]

everything’s coming to a grinding halt


bonus points to me for the lyrical reference to the cure. the mood i’m in, be glad i didn’t quote “sinking”. we made such good headway with buying the coop apartment. we found a place we liked. we made an offer and it was accepted. stop. full stop. we’ve been waiting for a week and […]

daylight savings time, and the mac


you just lost an hour, if you’ve forgotten. at work, it’s a major headache. microsoft somehow botched the transition to the new congress-improved version of daylight savings time. so we have to go back and reschedule outlook appointments for a certain time period, because microsoft couldn’t figure out the transition. and everyone who booked conference […]

me, a homo-wner?


should, of course, be homeowner. but i wanted to drive the lame joke to its breaking point. yes, kirk and i are thinking about buying a coop. seriously thinking, to the point of realigning our finances to put things in motion, and looking at places. now, let’s get this straight. i didn’t suddenly win the […]

jello biafra at the knitting factory


my god, what a show. i’ve seen some amazing spoken word performances in my life. henry rollins. utah phillips. hunter s. thompson. jim carroll. nothing compares to jello biafra, i have to say. although all those other guys come close, in their own way, jello edges into the lead due to sheer stamina. onstage at […]