daylight savings time, and the mac

you just lost an hour, if you’ve forgotten.

at work, it’s a major headache. microsoft somehow botched the transition to the new congress-improved version of daylight savings time. so we have to go back and reschedule outlook appointments for a certain time period, because microsoft couldn’t figure out the transition. and everyone who booked conference rooms for meetings may lose those conference rooms, because the time didn’t move properly, so someone else may have booked the room for the time slot they needed, in the interim.

among other glitches. geez louise, those guys are idiots.

at home, i have a mac. got up this morning, the time was displayed properly in all applications, and everything just worked.

tell me again why you don’t use a mac?

update: in addition to all the other issues, after the microsoft “fix” of outlook, all of my “all-day” appointments (the reminders at the top of each day) now span two days. microsoft is truly an idiotic company.