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hacking john mccain

apparently john mccain doesn’t quite get how those internets work, with all the tubes and whatnot.

or at least his staff doesn’t.

turns out that they stole their my space page design, and linked back to the original page for their artwork. which meant that the poor original designer had to foot the bill for the bandwidth for the images every time someone hit john mccain’s my space page.

but, it gets better. that also means that, if you substitute a new image on your server, it will magically appear on john mccain’s my space page.

which the designer did. you can see the results here.

for those of you too lazy to click through, here’s what the image says:

Dear Supporters,

Today I announce that I have reversed my position and come out in full support of gay marriage…particularly marriage between passionate females.


ok, so i could do without the straight-boy take on hot lesbian sex.

but you have to admit, this is brilliant.

hopefully mccain’s staff has learned their lesson.

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