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Monthly Archives: April 2007

inside scoop: the final sopranos episode


you may not know of my cassandra-like abilities. you may not be aware of my similarity to nostradamus. i try to be modest about my ability to see the future through my dreams. i reveal this ability only when i know that i can do good by its revelation. so, having dreamed of the ending […]

unsolicited aerogrow recommendation


rarely am i impressed enough with a company and a product to give a shout-out. i’m pretty anti-commercial, in spite of my employment in the marketing department of a fortune 500 media mega-conglomerate. so it goes, as our lost friend kurt vonnegut would say. but i am so impressed with the aerogrow that i’m going […]

we have a contract


the seller of the coop we are trying to buy returned the signed contract. we have a verbal commitment to a mortgage with the letter forthcoming. next stop, the coop board. fingers crossed. if this all works out as planned, we could be in our own apartment [that we actually own] by early fall.

notes regarding the site


first, and most obvious, is the site design. i’m a great fan of scott wallick‘s design philosophy and his wordpress themes that arise from it. i used a modified version of barthelme since i moved the site to wordpress from greymatter, but i thought it was time for a change. enter plaintxtblog, another scott wallick […]

the office basketball pool, part deux


third place this year–$70 cash, baby. for the second time in three years, i’m in the money. i would have been in the money last year, but even though i suspected florida would do well, i didn’t have the guts to pick them to go all the way, and i should have. i didn’t make […]