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the office basketball pool, part deux

third place this year–$70 cash, baby.

for the second time in three years, i’m in the money.

i would have been in the money last year, but even though i suspected florida would do well, i didn’t have the guts to pick them to go all the way, and i should have.

i didn’t make that mistake this year. i nailed the final four, the two teams that went to the final, and the winner. i messed up a bit in the early rounds and lost crucial points that kept me from winning, but i’m happy with third.

let me make this clear.

i know absolutely nothing about basketball. i hate the game, and i never watch it, and i don’t follow the results, and i couldn’t name five nba players if you had a gun to my head.

i do, however, have a system. it’s really complicated, but i’ll try to explain it.

download the odds.

fill in your bracket according to the odds.

pick the underdog to win the final game.

i pick the underdog to win the final game because so many people in contention at the end will have picked the favorite, and that can make the difference between winning it all if you get down to the wire.

this year i picked florida, even though they were the favorite. i lived in gainesville for several years, and i couldn’t dispassionately abandon them again this year.

i’m glad i didn’t.

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  1. haha, smart income! 🙂

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