unsolicited aerogrow recommendation

rarely am i impressed enough with a company and a product to give a shout-out. i’m pretty anti-commercial, in spite of my employment in the marketing department of a fortune 500 media mega-conglomerate.

so it goes, as our lost friend kurt vonnegut would say.

but i am so impressed with the aerogrow that i’m going to tell you all about it.

i ordered one of these contraptions for kirk after seeing it described in the pages of a magazine. it’s a one-piece grow light and hydroponic feeder for plants. you fill it (and refill it) with water, add the provided nutrients, and in a few weeks’ time you have herbs or tomatoes or strawberries or whatever you chose to grow. it is absolutely foolproof–built-in indicator lights tell you when to add water and all, and the lights cycle on and off to provide just the right amount of light and whatnot.

kirk had tried to cobble together a grow system in our dark apartment kitchen with little success. this thing works perfectly, though. we started with the herb schmear, though on the second go-around we’ve decided to grow just basil because that’s what we use the most.

and the aerogrow company’s customer service is outstanding. we had a dill failure the first time around, and they sent us a replacement at no charge. and our second round of herbs (the basil exclusive) came with explanations of just what to do to replace the old stuff and get a successful second wave.

the company really has thought out every thing you could possibly want to know or do, and has you covered. and they’ve thought out every way you could screw it up, and engineered the product, packaging, and instructions to avoid the problems. it’s the best-designed system imaginable. when we move to riverdale, we will probably buy a second one, so we can grow tomatoes along with our basil.

kudos to you, aerogrow.