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Monthly Archives: May 2007

100 words every high school graduate should know


via a digg link, here are the 100 words. before i clicked, i thought i’d know most, if not all, of these words. i’m a college graduate. i taught high school english. after clicking through? let’s just say it was a humbling experience. there were more words i didn’t know, or at least didn’t know […]

my new york moment with lou dobbs


one of those wacky, random things that happen, as they say, only in new york, kids. kirk and i went to a free screening of “whatever happened to baby jane” last night. the turner out employees group had the event in the screening room in the new time warner center. we had a great time, […]

the end of apple’s mac mini?


the apple insider website is predicting that the mac mini is dead. it’s probably true. the website has been pretty accurate as of late, and this rumor makes sense. the mini hasn’t been updated in ages, i don’t think apple sells as many of them as they thought they would, they don’t have much of […]

mcguire’s forced to remove “joke” bathroom signs


this has to be the dumbest damn thing i’ve seen in a while. there’s a great irish pub in pensacola, florida. used to go there all the time, back in the day. they have live music, usually some folky guy with a guitar with whom you can sing “the unicorn song” or whatever. they have […]

kiki and herb get a tony nomination


good lord, it happened. kiki and herb were nominated for a tony. i’ve written a lot about kiki and herb. kiki is portrayed by justin bond, of shortbus fame. their homepage is a good place to start if you don’t know much about them. congratulations to our miss du rane. we saw her last sunday […]

mainstream media versus giuliani: the hit is on?


there’s a whole spate of negative stories about rudy giuliani in the press today. there’s this one in the ny times: Ground Zero Illnesses Clouding Giuliani’s Legacy there’s this ap wire story: Giuliani’s clients could pose conflict there’s this reuters wire story: New Yorkers back Bloomberg over Giuliani in poll not that i care, because […]

fun weekend with houseguests


our friend dayna is coming to stay with us, along with her friend jennifer as well. we know dayna from richmond–we met them when kirk was doing hedwig at a local theater. at the time, they had a goth clothing shop, and they did some co-promotions with the show. dayna now does stunning makeup and […]

unexpected theatrical pleasures


there was the play i was dying to see. and the play that, frankly, i was dreading seeing. we saw “deuce on friday night, and had plans to see “our town” on saturday night. yes, that old warhorse. staple of dinner theater and high school gyms everywhere. we had a friend playing the stage manager, […]

angela lansbury in “deuce” tonight


that’s what i’m doing, along with eating at i trulli. it’s been a number of years since angela lansbury was on broadway. 1983 to be exact–a revival of “mame”. before that, you are in the ’70s with “sweeney todd”. so as soon as i saw “deuce” go on sale, i jumped all over it. it’s […]