fun weekend with houseguests

our friend dayna is coming to stay with us, along with her friend jennifer as well.

we know dayna from richmond–we met them when kirk was doing hedwig at a local theater. at the time, they had a goth clothing shop, and they did some co-promotions with the show.

dayna now does stunning makeup and style consulting with her company vamps and vixens. and the two of them are in town for a makeup show, and they are staying with us.

this won’t be easy. we’ve started a bit of packing in advance of our upcoming (hopefully!) move, and we gave away our futon on freecycle (you should give them a try–great way to get rid of crap you don’t want anymore. people just come and get it).

anyway, with no futon and a living room full of boxes in our new-york-sized one bedroom apartment, you can imagine how interesting this will be.

we’re giving them our bed, and we’ll sleep on the floor on sleeping bags and cushions and whatnot. this may sound gallant, but in reality sleeping on the floor for a night or two will do both our backs a world of good. so it’s self-interest, really.

so brunch today at piper’s kilt–nothing like all-you-can-drink bloody marys to start a weekend right. then some shopping with the girls, whose tastes make for fun times. tonight a bit of carousing, and then it’s off to work for them sunday and monday.

oh and dinner somewhere too.

but we’ll have fun today. it’s a welcome change to have friends stop by. and it gave me an excuse to stay home from work yesterday and clean the house.

it needed it.

i’ll let you know how it all went, probably.