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kiki and herb get a tony nomination

good lord, it happened.

kiki and herb were nominated for a tony.

i’ve written a lot about kiki and herb. kiki is portrayed by justin bond, of shortbus fame.

their homepage is a good place to start if you don’t know much about them.

congratulations to our miss du rane. we saw her last sunday at joe’s pub, and my god what an epic show it was. nearly two and a half hours of complete derangement.

it was delicious, and hysterical. even herb basically stopped playing piano just to watch the meltdown. definitely a show for the ages, or the vaults, or whatever. our friends from out of town loved the show.

and we’re going to see them again on thursday–they are taping their dvd at the knitting factory. should be quite an event.

anyway, here’s hoping that kiki and herb win that tony. their only competition is jay johnson, the ventriloquist.

dear god, please don’t let kiki lose to the puppet that replaced her at the helen hayes theater.

of course, if she does, it’s a comic vein that will be mined for years, which i guess makes it a win-win situation.

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