mcguire’s forced to remove “joke” bathroom signs

this has to be the dumbest damn thing i’ve seen in a while.

there’s a great irish pub in pensacola, florida. used to go there all the time, back in the day. they have live music, usually some folky guy with a guitar with whom you can sing “the unicorn song” or whatever. they have the last of the original tullamore dew in a glass display case, and i think you can buy some for an astronomical sum, if i remember correctly. you sign a dollar bill and staple it to the wall or ceiling on your first visit, after you’ve kissed the moose on the wall or some such thing. the regulars all have mugs with their names on, for when they visit.

you get the picture. goofy fun type bar. great atmosphere, fun people, good food and drink.

and one of the jokes is that the signs on the bathroom doors (you can see the signs if you click the link above) mislead you into entering the wrong restroom.

big frigging deal. it happened to me the first time i went there. and i walked into the ladies’ room.

and i immediately realized my mistake, and exited, and everyone laughed, and someone bought me a drink.

and i laughed too.

maybe that’s because i have the ability to laugh at myself. that’s a trait i treasure in a person.

and evidently it’s the trait lacking in the sad asshole-y poor excuse for a human being who threatened to sue mcguire’s because his 15-year-old daughter got walked in on by mistake by a college-age guy. and the state made mcguire’s take the signs down.

good lord. big fat hairy deal.

i’m hoping this turns out to be a snopes-worthy hoax.

i’m betting it isn’t, though. it’s idiots like this who ruin the world for everyone else.

get a life, dude.