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Monthly Archives: June 2007

fake steve on the iphone, consumerism


day in and day out, fake steve jobs for my money has the funniest blog on the web. even if you aren’t an apple fan, it’s still worth a read. his takes on apple, technology, current events, and miscellany are consistently hilarious. and often insightful as well. as was the case with a recent post: […]

iphone: want, not buying


i’m not going to bother to link to any of the 35,000 articles flogging, explaining, bashing, hyping, or excoriating the iphone. google iphone if you want. there are lots of reviews and opinions out there. here’s mine. it [seems to be] revolutionary, user friendly, cost-effective (when you consider the total investment of more expensive phone […]

new apartment–exhausted and exhilarated


well it happened. we closed on thursday and have spent the last two days tearing out the kitchen and getting ready for the renovation. we’ve pulled out all the kitchen cabinets and flooring, we’ve prepped the walls for priming and painting, we’ve scheduled the plaster guys to come in next week and redo the ceiling, […]

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo


via digg, a wikipedia story about this grammatically correct sentence using only the word buffalo. from the site: Preserving the meaning more closely, substituting the synonym “bison” for “buffalo” (animal), “bully” for “buffalo” (verb) and leaving “Buffalo” to mean the city, yields ‘Buffalo bison Buffalo bison bully bully Buffalo bison’, or: ‘Buffalo bison whom other […]

michelle shocked, my other favorite artist


amy, a commenter on one of my kristen hall posts, asked me about some of my other musical favorites. i blab on so much about kristen hall, and kiki and herb, that you might think that’s all i like. but you’d be wrong. although i don’t listen to music nearly as much as i did […]

big apple bbq block party roundup


yet another return to the big apple bbq block party held each year in madison square park, although a little birdie told me it may not be located there next year. we again had a bubba pass — a stored value card that lets you skip the long lines and go “behind the scenes” and […]

closing delayed again


at this rate, i’ll be retired when i finally move in. seriously, the latest word is probably early next week, with an outside shot at late this week. aaaaaargh.

puppet 1, kiki and herb 0


aaaaargh. my worst fears have come true. the puppet that replaced kiki and herb at the helen hayes theater won the tony. words cannot express my fury, and my sadness. on the positive side, justin bond looked stunning, classy, and totally beautiful on tv last night. for the two seconds we saw him. simple and […]

lunch today at the olive garden


i shouldn’t admit this, as (i say sarcastically) i’m supposed to be a sophisticated new yorker with an impeccable palate, who has dined in some of the world’s best restaurants both here and in europe. and i live in a city with perhaps more outstanding restaurants per capita than anywhere else on earth. and some […]

pins and needles


that’s what i’m on, waiting for the closing date for our apartment. kirk and i, if you haven’t heard, are buying a coop in riverdale, in the bronx, in new york city. we’ll be homo-wners. sorry — old, bad, joke. i’ve done everything i can do, which is the big problem. when there’s something i […]

weird firefox smiley at bottom of my page


here’s what the bottom left corner of my site’s pages looks like in firefox on the mac: here’s what it looks like using every other browser: what’s up with that smiley thing? is it a part of the creative commons image that only shows on that specific browser? it’s not on the bottom of any […]

JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank


as a follow-up to Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz, which i wrote about last year, i humbly present JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank, for sale at at the low low price of $19,999.95. order before midnight tonight and receive your first battle supply of shells at no extra cost. i’m still partial […] up and running


kirk’s had that url — “” — for quite a while, and it has gone through various iterations. the latest, and perhaps the best so far, is a wordpress blog. it’s different from mine, in a good way. there are actual graphics on the page, for one thing. i was jealous of that, for a […]

mister rogers, armando benitez, and more


a few this-and-that things for a friday: » 15 reasons why mister rogers was the best neighbor ever. i got all teary reading this and had to take a walk to the pantry at work. i’m convinced that watching his show every day as a kid, and hearing him tell me that he loved me […]