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Monthly Archives: September 2007

t. rex, scruffy the cat, lloyd cole, and the perils of aging


sometimes you get little reminders that your brain ain’t what it used to be. kirk and i had a fantastically fun time last night at joe’s pub in the park. joe is joseph papp, the guy who started doing the shakespeare in central park thing, and his public theater has an adjacent performance space for […]

our iphone is updated and perfectly fine, thank you


we updated kirk’s iphone on thursday night. completely without incident. he synced, the update installed, it restarted and relocked itself, and it now works perfectly with lots of added functionality. as we expected, because we didn’t ever attempt an unauthorized hack. not even the so-easy-a-child-could-do-it ringtone hack. however begrudgingly, we paid 99 cents for the […]

gotta remember this quote


in a completely separate context (a blog post about the iphone) i ran across this great, if a bit obvious, quote: In marriage there is a saying: Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy? definitely gotta remember that one; hopefully i’ll remember it in time next time.

going to the picture show


tickets for a 6:00pm showing of “into the wild”, the sean penn movie about the guy who starved to death in the wilderness of alaska. that shorthand version of the story, of course, does it no justice whatsoever. i vaguely recall reading a long piece about this guy, maybe in the new yorker, and being […]

briefly noted


» the last piece of the kitchen renovation puzzle is almost in place. the final cabinet (the one that replaced the microwave cart) has been assembled, and rafael our super cut the countertop to size. he did an incredible job — you can’t tell which is the uncut side and which is the trimmed side. […]

return of the snap guy


the snap guy is back in action. back at his post. snapping in that inimitable snappy way. someday maybe i’ll actually take a flyer. i don’t think i ever have.

checking out my google stats


i use google analytics to get aggregated info about the people who come to my site. aggregated means that i’m not gathering personal info about you, just to clarify. i could care less about you, really. it’s just an interesting snapshot of where site visitors come from, how long they spend when they get here, […]

distracted easily by shiny objects


now that the coop renovation is nearly complete, kirk and i are trying to get our financial house back in a bit of order. nothing outrageous, but we want to watch it a bit on the large expenses. don’t eat out so much, don’t buy expensive electronics like an iphone. things like that. anyway, we […]

Lessons on the surge from economics 101


via daring fireball, an economics professor explains a dollar auction: Economics professors have a standard game they use to demonstrate how apparently rational decisions can create a disastrous result. They call it a “dollar auction.” The rules are simple. The professor offers a dollar for sale to the highest bidder, with only one wrinkle: the […]

kinda loving the iphone


even though it’s kirk’s iphone and not mine, he’s generous and shares, and i get up before he does, so i get some time to monkey around with it. and i know his passcode. i made a ringtone out of “stigmata” by ministry and kirk’s under strict orders to use it for when i call. […]

fucked without a kiss


i had to laugh at this quote from a ny times story about distraught iphone customers who feel that they overpaid: “I just felt so used as a consumer,” he said. “They hyped up the iPhone for six months and built up our expectations, and then they grabbed our extra $200 and ran.” leave it […]

steve jobs is a marketing genius


don’t tell me that apple and steve jobs didn’t have this whole thing planned. » step one: sell hundreds of thousands of iphones at $599 to enthusiastic early adopters. » step two: lower the price by $200 two months later. » step three: wait for the outraged early adopters to blather their outrage all over […]

goodbye snap guy


just walked down 6th avenue to the bank, and the snap guy has been replaced by, to all external appearances, grandpa jones. no one passed out flyers like the snap guy. hopefully he’s moved on to something better. perhaps in an advisory capacity, or training. spreading the snap gospel, as it were.

unsolicited aerogrow recommendation, part two


i’ve previously sung the praises of aerogrow, an exceedingly well-run company. and now i have to again. we bought a second aerogrow. it’s a hydroponic growing system — perfect for a new york apartment. we’re using one to grow tomatoes, and a second one to grow various types of basil. the tomato-laden aerogrow was working […]