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still liking that obama guy

i haven’t weighed in on this as yet, but i’ve been keeping my eye on obama. i’m on his mailing list. liked his last book. and with his victory last night in the iowa caucuses, things are looking good for him.

from the article:

Mr. Obama’s victory in this overwhelmingly white state was a powerful answer to the question of whether America was prepared to vote for a black person for president. What was remarkable was the extent to which race was not a factor in this contest. Surveys of voters entering the caucuses also indicated that he had won the support of many independents, a development that his aides used to rebut suggestions from rivals that he could not win a general election. In addition, voters clearly rejected the argument that Mr. Obama does not have sufficient experience to take over the White House, a central point pressed by Mrs. Clinton.

that addresses two of my biggest concerns. i want a winner, and i want a leader. perhaps obama is both.

i’ll vote my conscience in the primaries…i always do. but it would be nice to see a democrat back in the white house.

keeping my eye on you, obama.

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