smell yo dick

reading the sunday new york times (which is huge and very sensibly comes on saturday to give you additional time to read it) i ran across a blurb about riskay, a rapper from bartow, florida.

my dad lived in bartow, so it caught my eye. also, riskay looks like a drag queen, so that caught my eye too.

anyway, of all places to learn about a new rapper, you’d think the new york times would come in last. but they were dead on target this time. she’s brilliant, and her big myspace-popular song is called “smell yo dick”. head over and listen…it’s fantastic on many levels. catchy tune, risque subject matter, slightly satirical, and boldly feminist in a reclamatory kind of way.

the times thinks she should clean up her act and try for mass radio play.

i think she’s fine the way she is.