hillary exhausts me

so against all odds, she won in new hampshire. by, shocking to me but also instructive, winning the blue-collar vote.

i still like obama, and frankly i like having hillary as my senator but i’m not sure about her as president. i really think we need a less partisan breath of fresh air. after 20 years of bush-clinton-bush, another clinton strikes me as a bit too dynastic. and i think hillary would be divisive, and stir up too much of the left-right-red state-blue state conflict. we’d spend four or eight more years with too much carping and not enough unity. and we’d all have to hear about vince foster again, and all that clinton baggage crap.

that said, i’d rather have hillary than any of the republicans. but that’s a real hobson’s choice.

my next task is this, though — all her blue-collar support intrigues me. i need to look deeper.