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» today is anniversary #8 with kirk. you can read all about it. love ya baby.

» next tuesday is the stevenote at macworld, which means lots of new apple stuff to potentially spend money on. in case you just stumbled here, i’m a big apple fan. what could get me to blow the dust off of my wallet? perhaps an updated 3g iphone — kirk could get the new one and i’d take his old one. perhaps something more useful than apple tv to hook up to the hdtv, since we don’t have cable tv. maybe it’s the whatever-they’ve-come-up-with-that-noone-has-thought-of. maybe the wallet stays intact.

» i’m starting to get more political again — i find myself going to more and more political news sites and blogs. i get geared up every election cycle, and this one promises to be no different. i’m sure to bore you with my mumblings and rantings, but i gotta be me. still liking that obama guy. but i may change my mind. maybe i’ll even vote republican this year. it could happen. you never know.

» via kottke, a great article by kevin smith about his new movie, “zach and miri make a porno”. anything by kevin smith is a must-see for me (chasing amy is on my top-ten favorite films of all time), but with a title like that i can hardly wait.

» have a great weekend! i mean it. no excuses.


  1. Congratulations for those eight years!
    I’m wondering what would happen with apple now, hehe!

    Posted on 11-Jan-08 at 9:48 pm | Permalink
  2. thanks zim : ) it was a late night, but a great night. movie, then dinner, then a couple of bars.

    probably not going to actually buy any new apple stuff, but you never know!

    Posted on 12-Jan-08 at 4:46 pm | Permalink

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