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Monthly Archives: March 2008

unsolicited recommendation: orsay on 75th & lex


had dinner last night at orsay, in new york city on 75th st. and lexington avenue. i’m usually not one to venture onto the upper east side of manhattan. the transportation is awkward if you live on the west side, which we do. the extreme upper west side. but last night, kirk chose this restaurant […]

comment of the day


from an obama/clinton story on talking points memo: “Blocking revotes in MI and Fla.” Lol! I just love this mindless talking point. Where did he acquire the power to stop the Michigan and Florida legislatures from passing laws and/or the state parties from submitting workable delegate selection plans to the DNC? Is this like a […]

classic wonkette snark


i love reading the attitude is a perfect antidote to boring and conventional political coverage here’s an excellent example of why.

obama’s new strategy?


i’ve wailed and moaned for obama to get tougher. it seems that he has. the last couple of news cycles have seen a steady ramp-up of stories about how hillary clinton outright lied “misspoke” about her trip to bosnia with sinbad and sheryl crow. a clinton obfuscating a prevarication? who knew? nice to note that […]

more obama miscues


last i checked, i was musing about obama getting control of his message. not sure it’s gotten any better. first we have the whole “rev. wright” business. an astute politician, or a worthy adviser to that politician, should have seen this coming a mile away. and should have worked in advance to negate the effect, […]

barack obama’s speech on race


from the speech: This union may never be perfect, but generation after generation has shown that it can always be perfected. what a beautiful turn of phrase. isn’t that what our goal should be? a more perfect union? slam him all you want for being vapid. we need someone uplifting about now.

random thoughts on the upcoming depression


i’ve lived long enough now to have seen the economy rise and fall a few times. and i’ve seen relatively isolated crises averted. a mostly contained sector of the economy, as with the savings and loan crisis. or one large company, as with the long term capital management hedge fund collapse. but this latest business […]

unsolicited recommendation: schwinn 431 elliptical trainer


kirk and i have been paying way too much money for bally gym memberships for years and years. when we go, which is sporadically at best, the only machine we really use is the elliptical cross trainer. sometimes some weight machines, but generally just the cross trainer. we have to go to the gym in […]

spitzer: working out for the best?


so if spitzer resigns, as is expected, david a. paterson is next in line. seems like a good guy with a long record of accomplishment who might not otherwise have gotten a chance to show his chops in an arena like this. maybe this all works out for the best. here’s hoping that david paterson […]

oh hai, what’s up?


not much. i’m just transferring money via shell accounts so that i’ll have a credit balance with the madam that runs my hooker. what’s up with you?

grilled chicken caesar, with tilapia and perch


enjoying my stouffer’s lean cuisine grilled chicken caesar for lunch today, looking at the box, and reading the ingredients, when i see this: let me zoom in for you: putting aside the misspelling of tilapia, it’s not very appetizing to use fish gelatin for the pasta (not sure why pasta needs gelatin anyway?) in a […]

hey obama, get control of your message


way too many people are going off the reservation in the obama campaign. we’ve had the guy talking to the canadians about nafta. hillary, of course, did the same thing, but that’s not my concern here. then this samantha power person called hillary a monster and had to resign. now we find out that she […]

i used my $40 dtv converter box coupon


kirk and i have an hdtv, but it’s an older model and doesn’t have a built-in tuner. it’s just a monitor. so without paying for cable, we’ve never been able to get a television signal. no cable, no signal, no tv. and since we dropped cable about a year ago, the only things we’ve used […]