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Monthly Archives: June 2008



» versions of “gypsy” i have seen/heard prior to last night: — the rosalind russell movie version — the bette midler tv version — the bernadette peters broadway version — the ethel merman broadway cast recording — the genesius theatre version in kirk’s boyhood home of reading, pa kirk could add: — the tyne daly […]

john mccain and his golf gear


here’s a screengrab of the homepage of john mccain’s campaign website: so — one of the most important topics to be discussed with america on john mccain’s campaign homepage is…golf gear? really you can’t make these things up. this guy is so tone-deaf. or the people running his campaign are. flog some campaign yard signs, […]

hot water for dehydrated babies


the banality, bad planning, and hilarity of john mccain’s speech on tuesday has been discussed to death. but i want to focus on one particular line that had kirk and me hooting with laughter. and of course there’s a long hilarious discussion on digg. hopefully by november this guy will, at a minimum, learn to […]

could it really be true?


could tomorrow be the day that hillary clinton withdraws from the race? i’m watching this closely. as one of her constituents, i’m looking to see how she gets out of the race, and how well and strongly and effectively she supports obama. she really needs to be graceful, and supportive, and needs to do her […]