the best speech you missed: john kerry

whoda thunk i’d be typing that this morning? you figured bill clinton would be spot-on. but kerry hit on mccain hard, very hard, and more effectively, concisely, and entertainingly than anyone else i’ve seen thus far. and his self-deprecating humor was a bonus. from the huffington post article on the subject:

Kerry, his party’s pick in 2004 who failed to defeat incumbent President Bush, said McCain’s changed positions on the Republicans’ tax cuts, climate change bills and immigration leave him shaken. Kerry paraphrased himself, telling the Democratic National Convention delegates: “Are you kidding? Talk about being for it before you’re against it.”

i love it. last night was so entertaining. i’ve been watching until 10:00pm on the good old new mac media centerthe official democratic convention site has a great, stutter-free, beautiful hd feed. very thoughtful of them. and switching over to abc at 10:00pm. i gotta get my fix of punditry — i like to see how it’s spun.

bill clinton was perfect. he did exactly what i wanted him to do — make a powerful and unrefutable case, as an ex-commander-in-chief, that obama is ready to be commander-in-chief.

check. job well done, bill. i [mostly] forgive you for your transgressions this year.