sarah palin and her three answers

watched her interview with charlie gibson last night. and i can now unequivocally say that charlie gibson is qualified to be vice president.

sarah palin? not so much.

as kirk and i watched, we kept saying that she sounded like she had been given canned answers to give based on keywords in the question. i counted three talking points that she adapts to whatever question is asked:

“that’s basically all about energy. let me talk about that for a while.”
“alaska is near russia. you can see it from the shore.”
“we have to keep america strong and save her from the terrorists.”

andy borowitz thinks she used a magic 8-ball
, which may be nearer the truth.

and she wants to go to war with russia, basically.

i hope that the reportage on this eye-opening look into her vapidity doesn’t get lost among the coverage of hurricane ike.

we can’t afford hurricane sarah either.