going back to school

i’m starting school on february 16th.

now to be honest that’s a pretty daunting phrase. it’s been a long time since i stretched my brain in such a formal way. of course people learn constantly, but the thought of memorizing vast stretches of whatever gives me pause, a little bit.

i’m going back to be a medical office assistant. i’m not going to get rich doing it, but a career in the medical field is what i’ve always wanted for my last career, so i’m making it happen. all my research — online, talking to people, etc. — tells me that i’ll like it. and if i choose, it can be a springboard for additional training in something else medical. maybe go to night school to be a nurse.

or maybe just stay a medical office assistant.

not sure yet where this path will lead me, but i’m as sure as you can be about these things that i will like what i do, regardless. and that’s the important thing. it’s a good combination of clerical (making appointments, front office tasks) and technical (drawing blood, ekgs, etc.)

i’m buying my books today. that should give me a bit of an idea for what i’ve gotten myself into.