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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Social security 1, penndot 0


Got our social security cards changed to the new last names today. It was a breeze. Short line, and even though we brought all the required supporting documents, they really didn’t check them. Pretty much just looked at the marriage license and that was it. New cards to arrive in a couple of weeks. The […]

Name change thoughts


The odyssey of official name changing begins today with a visit to our local social security office. Doma notwithstanding, the federal government has actually made it pretty easy to make the switch. Step two will be getting a passport change, which we think will be expensive but straightforward as well. Armed with those two things, […]

Jamie Lawrence-Howard


Kirk and I were married in New York last Friday 8/20/12. Of course, we were married (as far as we are concerned) on 1/11/00 by the good Rev. Michael Carter, but it’s nice (and was surprisingly affecting) to have the paperwork. One of the questions on the form was “last name”. We had 4 options: […]