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Name change thoughts

The odyssey of official name changing begins today with a visit to our local social security office. Doma notwithstanding, the federal government has actually made it pretty easy to make the switch.

Step two will be getting a passport change, which we think will be expensive but straightforward as well.

Armed with those two things, we will march forward with getting more local level things changed, such as voter registration and drivers licenses. With pa’s new voter id law in place, though, we are going to delay that step until after the November elections.

I don’t want to cast a provisional ballot that will probably be ignored, given the possibility of having a mismatch between license and voter registration.

To get the pa drivers licenses we need a passport and something else, such as banking records. So bank will probably get switched to make way for the license.

Apparently the marriage license is useless in pa in that regard, although it paves the way for everything on the federal level just fine.

Go Pennsylvania. What a great state I live in.

There’s a reason we chose to marry in new York — we intend to spend our golden years there. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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