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big apple bbq block party roundup


yet another return to the big apple bbq block party held each year in madison square park, although a little birdie told me it may not be located there next year. we again had a bubba pass — a stored value card that lets you skip the long lines and go “behind the scenes” and […]

bbq block party pt. 2


we went back yesterday for day two of the bbq block party–we had nearly $90 left on our stored value card so getting more bbq was not a problem. except for my stomach, of course. we had ubon’s bbq from yazoo, mississippi. it was a shredded pork sandwich in large chunks. the end bits were […]

bbq block party 2006


perfect brisket smokios goodness my favorite day of the year is bbq block party weekend. which is, of course two days. i can’t decide if the first day or the second day is my favorite day, so i’ll just call it a draw. the first picture above is the brisket from southside market in elgin, […]