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return of the snap guy


the snap guy is back in action. back at his post. snapping in that inimitable snappy way. someday maybe i’ll actually take a flyer. i don’t think i ever have.

goodbye snap guy


just walked down 6th avenue to the bank, and the snap guy has been replaced by, to all external appearances, grandpa jones. no one passed out flyers like the snap guy. hopefully he’s moved on to something better. perhaps in an advisory capacity, or training. spreading the snap gospel, as it were.

the snap guy


walked down 6th avenue to 45th street to walk over to the schoenfeld theater to get tickets for the upcoming chita rivera one-woman show. i told you sometimes i’m a big queen. but on the way, on 6th avenue, i saw one of my favorite new yorkers. the handbill guy that snaps.

cool things coming


lots of good happenings upcoming for kirk and me. last week was just hectic–every night with something different going on. and i am a bit of a homebody, and i like to go out and do things, but not every single night. i need time to decompress. i like sitting around the house and wasting […]