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wonder showzen in itunes


i may just make my first itunes video purchase, even though i don’t have a video ipod. wonder showzen. you can still play those downloaded episodes on tv, you know. just burn them to a dvd. they are lower quality, but i’ve read that they look approximately like a vhs recording, so that’s not bad.

our wii media center


who needs an apple tv? not us. we have a mac in our “home office”, which is in fact a shallow closet. elsewhere in the apartment, we have a wii, and we have the wii hooked up to the hdtv, and we have the wii hooked up to the home theater. and the mac and […]

i’m not buying an apple tv


at least not yet, i’m not. i know–heresy. i have my reasons. the apple tv is a not-unattractive box that wirelessly connects your computer to your widescreen hdtv. that allows you to listen to your itunes music, and watch your itunes videos, all on your tv. pretty cool, huh? really i think it is pretty […]

not ready for aarp


i got the invitation in the mail the other day. would i like to join aarp? lots of benefits. it’s not expensive. you really should. they must be kidding. i’m only 42.

i want my m-tv


as in moronic tv. well, not completely moronic. but pretty much. a lot of what is on tv in the summer isn’t very watch-worthy. a lot of baseball games. that’s good. but i have a new favorite show, which will come as no shock to anyone who has read a few of my blogs, as […]