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my mac mini media center


since i posted yesterday about my wonderful new over-the-air hdtv antenna, i thought people might be interested in what it’s hooked up to. namely, my recently assembled mac mini media center. first, the relevant equipment: » a Philips 23PF5320 23-Inch Flat Panel Widescreen LCD TV, which i’ve had for a number of years. positives: it’s […]

the perfect intersection of my obsessive interests


the obama countdown clock iphone application.

i(phone) shoulda known better


after all of the hype about the new iphone 2.0 software, and the app store, and all the goodies awaiting me, i went to work today having told kirk to update his iphone when itunes showed the update. usually i’m pretty sensible about these things. if yesterday you had asked me what to do, i […]

obama “outraged” with wright’s comments


from the article: In his harshest criticism yet of his former minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama said he was “outraged” by Wright’s comments at the National Press Club Monday, and “saddened by the spectacle.” personally, i’m guessing that wright chose to fall on his sword to a degree — to get out there and […]

apple tv: i am [not] moved


lots of cool new stuff from apple. including an updated apple tv, which is the thing i’m most likely to buy, but i think the wallet is staying in the pocket for the short term. longer term, there’s a small possibility of an apple tv in my home. » the apple tv can stream photos […]

there’s something in the air


the banners are hung by the windows with care. at the macworld expo, which begins monday. this year’s theme? “there’s something in the air”. my guess as to what’s in the air? updated displays that connect wirelessly. pulled that out of my ass — i have no idea. but it would be cool, and the […]



» today is anniversary #8 with kirk. you can read all about it. love ya baby. » next tuesday is the stevenote at macworld, which means lots of new apple stuff to potentially spend money on. in case you just stumbled here, i’m a big apple fan. what could get me to blow the dust […]

our wii media center


who needs an apple tv? not us. we have a mac in our “home office”, which is in fact a shallow closet. elsewhere in the apartment, we have a wii, and we have the wii hooked up to the hdtv, and we have the wii hooked up to the home theater. and the mac and […]

real advice from fake steve


fake steve jobs on why to avoid business school, and school in general, if you want to truly be successful. from the article: Business school dude, listen up. Forget shadowing me. You’ll never be like me, because I’m one of a kind. I came out and they broke the mold. But if you want to […]

our iphone is updated and perfectly fine, thank you


we updated kirk’s iphone on thursday night. completely without incident. he synced, the update installed, it restarted and relocked itself, and it now works perfectly with lots of added functionality. as we expected, because we didn’t ever attempt an unauthorized hack. not even the so-easy-a-child-could-do-it ringtone hack. however begrudgingly, we paid 99 cents for the […]

kinda loving the iphone


even though it’s kirk’s iphone and not mine, he’s generous and shares, and i get up before he does, so i get some time to monkey around with it. and i know his passcode. i made a ringtone out of “stigmata” by ministry and kirk’s under strict orders to use it for when i call. […]

fucked without a kiss


i had to laugh at this quote from a ny times story about distraught iphone customers who feel that they overpaid: “I just felt so used as a consumer,” he said. “They hyped up the iPhone for six months and built up our expectations, and then they grabbed our extra $200 and ran.” leave it […]

steve jobs is a marketing genius


don’t tell me that apple and steve jobs didn’t have this whole thing planned. » step one: sell hundreds of thousands of iphones at $599 to enthusiastic early adopters. » step two: lower the price by $200 two months later. » step three: wait for the outraged early adopters to blather their outrage all over […]

My Afternoon in Wal-Mart’s MP3 Download Hell


Thank jeebus that the medialoper tried wal-mart’s new download service, so i didn’t have to. so it’s not really my afternoon, as my post’s title might indicate. it’s the medialoper’s. a typical snark-filled excerpt: Eventually I give up searching for music and decide to browse by genre. I start with Rock -> Alternative. I’m happy […]

learning about joybubbles


one of the great things about the internet is that by goofing around you can stumble across the most interesting things. and yesterday, via boing boing, during my lunch hour i learned about joybubbles. joybubbles was the adopted name of joe engrassia, a blind man who was one of the first phone phreakers. phone phreakers […]

five minutes with the iphone


walked up to the apple store at 58th and 5th during my lunch hour. i figured that today would be a good day to venture there to see the new products, what with the terrible weather. and it was. the apple store was indeed merely very crowded, and not packed so tightly with people that […]

things i’m hoping for today


» i hope someone else besides me comes to work today. there’s absolutely no one else on my entire row of cubicles. » i hope that that hysterical tourist who got off the 1 train at 50th street with her husband and left her kid on the train gets her kid back safe. i hope […]

iphones sold — 0 to 700,000


goldman sachs says 700,000 — piper jaffray says 500,000 — global equities research says 525,000 — blackfriars says it could be a million. it all reminds me of the old sparks song, “i predict”: You’re gonna take a walk in the rain And you’re gonna get wet (I predict) You’re gonna eat a bowl of […]

fake steve on the iphone, consumerism


day in and day out, fake steve jobs for my money has the funniest blog on the web. even if you aren’t an apple fan, it’s still worth a read. his takes on apple, technology, current events, and miscellany are consistently hilarious. and often insightful as well. as was the case with a recent post: […]

iphone: want, not buying


i’m not going to bother to link to any of the 35,000 articles flogging, explaining, bashing, hyping, or excoriating the iphone. google iphone if you want. there are lots of reviews and opinions out there. here’s mine. it [seems to be] revolutionary, user friendly, cost-effective (when you consider the total investment of more expensive phone […]