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weird firefox smiley at bottom of my page


here’s what the bottom left corner of my site’s pages looks like in firefox on the mac: here’s what it looks like using every other browser: what’s up with that smiley thing? is it a part of the creative commons image that only shows on that specific browser? it’s not on the bottom of any […]

mister rogers, armando benitez, and more


a few this-and-that things for a friday: » 15 reasons why mister rogers was the best neighbor ever. i got all teary reading this and had to take a walk to the pantry at work. i’m convinced that watching his show every day as a kid, and hearing him tell me that he loved me […]

the end of apple’s mac mini?


the apple insider website is predicting that the mac mini is dead. it’s probably true. the website has been pretty accurate as of late, and this rumor makes sense. the mini hasn’t been updated in ages, i don’t think apple sells as many of them as they thought they would, they don’t have much of […]

i’m not buying an apple tv


at least not yet, i’m not. i know–heresy. i have my reasons. the apple tv is a not-unattractive box that wirelessly connects your computer to your widescreen hdtv. that allows you to listen to your itunes music, and watch your itunes videos, all on your tv. pretty cool, huh? really i think it is pretty […]

daylight savings time, and the mac


you just lost an hour, if you’ve forgotten. at work, it’s a major headache. microsoft somehow botched the transition to the new congress-improved version of daylight savings time. so we have to go back and reschedule outlook appointments for a certain time period, because microsoft couldn’t figure out the transition. and everyone who booked conference […]

today is “reveal your blog crush” day


at least according to this website, it is. from the site: So, I’ve been asked what technically IS a Blog Crush? It’d likely include some, if not all, of the following: A) You can’t wait to read what they post next. B) You want to be friends with them. C) You think they are the […]

fake steve is [not] john gruber


so out of boredom i made an anonymous post to a thread on the “fake steve jobs” site. wherein i hypothesized that fake steve was john gruber, of daring fireball fame. it’s an idle guess, but one that makes a bit of sense. to me there’s always been an east coast vibe behind the west […]

cringe-worthy zune tv commercials


the zune is microsoft’s answer to the ipod, and it’s coming at you sometime in november. if you do a bit of research, you’ll see that the ipod’s dominance is probably not at all threatened by this ill-conceived electronic gadget. microsoft will sell quite a few at the expense of the market share of ipod’s […]

apple and mac still [nearly] perfect


last night i tried to go to the iTunes music store, but couldn’t connect. i kept getting an error message. what? my mac isn’t perfect? no, of course not. we had an issue with the isync in kirk’s account that was particularly vexing. but other than that, i’ve had no problems and have done little […]

odds and ends


finally someone actually gets the importance and quality of the movie “shortbus”. the movie had a $21,000+ average per screen in its first weekend, so i have a feeling that the ride on the shortbus is just beginning. the folks who run the website for grey gardens, the musical were kind enough to link to […]

random ipod thoughts


i’ve written before on the non-random nature of my ipod shuffle. i have an 512mb ipod shuffle, and itunes loads songs randomly onto it. the shuffle has a small capacity (about 120 songs) and i have thousands of songs in itunes, so i should get a good variety of music. problem is, i’d swear that […]

waiting for an iphone


supposedly apple is working on their version of a cell phone–unofficial name: iphone. i’d love to have one. not just because i’m an apple fanatic, but because i’m sure it would just work. unlike my current sony ericcson z520a phone, which i’ve quit carrying around because it constantly takes pictures of the inside of my […]

i want my itv


well, apple did it. they showed me the gadget that was guaranteed to get my wallet out. next year. damnit. today was the stevenote–the day when steve jobs calls the media and announces the new apple products. it’s a highly anticipated event which rarely disappoints, and today’s event was no exception. i like following the […]

how to [not] buy a dell


how hard could it be to give dell your money? harder than you’d imagine. i’d forgotten how senseless and confusing the dell website was, until i stumbled across this blog post. surely this is exaggerated, right? it can’t be that hard? well, i’ll be damned if he isn’t right. i went back to browse the […]

the continuing adventures of the fake steve jobs


for whatever reason, my favorite new blog (which i’ve written about before), is down and out. the fake steve jobs assures us that he will return, but in the meantime if you missed out on the fun, you can look at the google cache of the old site. the fake steve says about all this: […]

the blog i wish i wrote


and the blog i wish i’d thought of. it’s a fake (i’m assuming it’s fake, anyway) blog written by someone who purports to be steve jobs of apple, called The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, Aged 51 1/2. subtitled: “Dude, I invented the friggin iPod, okay? Have you heard of it?” whoever writes this thing […]

nothing new at apple


the online apple store was closed for an hour or so earlier today. sending mac fans everywhere into paroxysms of delight. usually this means there’s a new product being sold. was it a new ipod? the video ipod? upgraded computer hardware? something no one had guessed as yet? unfortunately for them (and me, by proxy) […]

seven steps to delete a shortcut


in microsoft windows vista, that is. take a look for yourself. it has to be seen to be believed. i’m sure this will be fixed before this supposed windows xp replacement is released. right? right? please explain to me again why you aren’t using a mac.

lunch hour at the new apple store


apple opened their new nyc store at the top of 5th avenue last friday, with a lot of hoopla, press coverage, and red-hot hype. it was lousy weather and there were tons of people, so i didn’t bother going. although the first 2500 people got t-shirts and that would have been cool. anyway, i headed […]

ipod shuffle shuffling off?


there’s rumors on the internets that apple is killing the shuffle as soon as current inventories (supposedly high) are depleted. i hope these rumors aren’t true. the shuffle is the only ipod i own, and i love it. it’s perfect for the gym, and the damn thing is indestructible. i have a feeling that i’m […]