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25 random things about me


this is a facebook meme that’s currently going around. since i can’t leave well enough alone, i modified it to be “24 true random things about me, and one lie”. i’m a contrarian. so sue me. anyway, i’m reposting it here, because i’m lazy and because it was fun to write: Rules: Once you’ve been […]

goodbye florent


great photo essay in the times about florent, the groundbreaking restaurant in the meatpacking district, narrated by the man himself. it’s going away, like mchales, cbgb’s, le madeleine, and any other of the long list of victims of gentrification and skyrocketing rents. much of what makes the city “new york” are these individual places, and […]

should the legal drinking age be 18?


it’s a topic that came up during the last democratic presidential candidates’ debate, which took place at dartmouth college. of course, the college students’ logic started with “well we can fight in iraq, so why can’t we drink?” not flawless logic, but they do have a point. it might be a better point if they […]

memories light the corners of my mind


kirk and i had a wonderful evening last night with our mortgage broker from chase, dinika, and her friend luigi. it had been a long day, and i was a bit tired and slightly cranky, but thankfully kirk was sparkling and witty and carried the day for both of us. we met at the black […]

t. rex, scruffy the cat, lloyd cole, and the perils of aging


sometimes you get little reminders that your brain ain’t what it used to be. kirk and i had a fantastically fun time last night at joe’s pub in the park. joe is joseph papp, the guy who started doing the shakespeare in central park thing, and his public theater has an adjacent performance space for […]

my first time


using a computer. yeah right. don’t hold out much hope for that story, bub. i know what you are thinking. i’m saving that one for the memoirs. anyway, i was thinking about this the other day. or, more accurately, i was thinking about how little i remembered about it, and how i wished i could […]

mosquito trucks, ddt clouds, and me


southern people of a certain age will identify with this, for sure. when i was a kid, living in a fairly swampy area of north florida, mosquito control was a big deal. in the county i grew up in (citrus), it was probably the main reason to have a government at all, other than keeping […]

fun touristy saturday


i know it’s wednesday, but i want to tell you about my day last saturday, because it was so much fun. i spent most of the day with one of my former students, kim, and her husband glenn and her son matthew. kim was my first yearbook editor when i first took over as adviser, […]

music, back in the day


ever wonder why, in your memory, music on vinyl records seemed to sound better than digital cds do today? assuming, of course, that you are old enough to remember what vinyl sounded like. as it turns out, you haven’t lost your mind. it’s not old-fogeyism creeping in, although i find myself saying things like “back […]

bauhaus was fantastic


if you have a chance to see bauhaus on this tour, don’t miss them. peter murphy and daniel ash have lost none of their onstage presence, they sound amazing, they do all the songs you want to hear. amazing evening. the nokia theatre, not so great. bad acoustics. plus there’s something odd about walking around […]

black clad flashback


bela’s not dead. bela’s alive. or, to put it another way, i’m reliving my gothic youth tonight. bauhaus is playing the nokia theater, and i have tickets. it’s a real kick in the eye. har har har.

where i’m from


i’m from floral city, florida, in a small county called citrus county. it’s in northwest central florida, on the gulf coast. i left when i was 17 and, other than visits to my mom when she still lived there, have pretty much never looked back. i did go back twice for high school reunions, which […]

rasputina. not bad!


i’d been cranky about going to see this band. frankly, yesterday’s post was more an attempt to kick myself in the ass to try to enjoy an evening about which i was, at best, dubious. well, who knew. not only was rasputina not bad, they were very very good. in fact, i’d go so far […]

getting younger


i’m getting younger. well, give me a chance to explain before you laugh. I guess i should say i’ve decided to get younger. well, no, that doesn’t work either. i can’t will myself into reversing the aging process. but i’ve started thinking like an old person. not all the time, and not on all subjects, […]

i killed my cat


well, not literally, like with a butcher knife or a lawnmower. but did i feed my cat to death? i can’t get the idea out of my head, so you be the judge. it’s been a while since i had to put my cat to sleep, and i can just now talk about it all […]

hot hot hot


it’s hot in nyc. actually, it’s probably hot where you are too, unless you are in nome or something. and i know it’s hotter elsewhere, like phoenix and atlanta and wherever. but, still, it’s damn hot. and humid.

insane in the membrane


a mind is a terrible thing to face. i have a number of long-standing stories i tell about myself. some of them are on here even. not all, though. as bad comedians say, i’ve got a million of ’em. and, as a bad blogger, so do i. but i recently got called out, and rightly […]

the inverness cooter festival


i’m from floral city, florida originally, but that’s just a smaller town than the small town which is the county seat of citrus county–inverness, florida. citrus county (which, ironically, has little to no citrus, at least in a commercial sense) is a sleepy part of northwest central florida. it’s probably most famous for the manatees […]

childhood unconsciousness


everyone has their backlog of stories. i sure do. i really respect a person who has the confidence to be able to tell a story or two on themselves. a little humility and self-deprecating humor goes a long way with me. so, in that spirit, i’ll occasionally tell a story or two on myself on […]

quick takes, random thoughts


first in a series of short takes on various subjects. perfect for when i don’t have the energy or inclination to come up with a big statement. such as today.