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giuliani out, santana in


it’s a matter of time before giuliani drops out. the mets wll sign johan santana. and we had a great restaurant week dinner at i trulli. what a great night.

distracted easily by shiny objects


now that the coop renovation is nearly complete, kirk and i are trying to get our financial house back in a bit of order. nothing outrageous, but we want to watch it a bit on the large expenses. don’t eat out so much, don’t buy expensive electronics like an iphone. things like that. anyway, we […]

things i’m hoping for today


» i hope someone else besides me comes to work today. there’s absolutely no one else on my entire row of cubicles. » i hope that that hysterical tourist who got off the 1 train at 50th street with her husband and left her kid on the train gets her kid back safe. i hope […]

mets fan catches historic barry bonds baseball


here are a couple of stories about it. unfortunately, i’m not the mets fan, as the ball is supposed to be worth upwards of $500,000. but it was nice to see a guy from queens emerge victorious from what i’m sure was quite a battle for that ball, after it went into the stands in […]

easing up on the barry bonds hating


maybe i’m getting more forgiving as time goes by. or more lax. anyway, i’ve been a barry bonds hater for quite some time. to save you clicking through, here’s a relevant bit of what i said: if he plays and passes hank aaron, and baseball honors the record, that’s it for me and baseball. seriously. […]

mister rogers, armando benitez, and more


a few this-and-that things for a friday: » 15 reasons why mister rogers was the best neighbor ever. i got all teary reading this and had to take a walk to the pantry at work. i’m convinced that watching his show every day as a kid, and hearing him tell me that he loved me […]

tigers over the cardinals in five


unless it’s a four-game sweep, which is very possible. you heard it here first. well, maybe not first, but you heard it here, anyway.

thanks, mets


no, i mean that. no irony, no sarcasm, no bitterness. it’s been a great season, full of highs and ups, and very few lows and downs. i had fun when i went to shea, and i’ll miss the creaky old place when it’s gone. i even enjoyed the food, especially since i found mama’s of […]

ya gotta believe, period


ok, i’m through with my dithering and waffling and prevarication. i’m a believer. after the last game, in which oliver perez did well enough and the mets hitters did more than well enough, i’m breathing a bit easier. and it’s probably going to rain today in st. louis, which means that the game may be […]

tell me again i gotta believe


i know the mets are only down one game. i know it’s only two games to one. and i know i gotta believe. and i still do, mostly. but i am worried. the mets looked bad last night, excpt for darren oliver, who probably should have started the game in the first place. i know […]

ya gotta believe, and all


ok, i’m breathing a little easier. the mets got it done last night, with a combination of brilliant pitching (from glavine, the one pitcher you expected to get brilliant pitching from) and one timely hit (from beltran, the one guy that you hoped to get a key hit from). it wasn’t an offensive onslaught, but […]

mets versus mets


i don’t think the mets are playing the st. louis cardinals in the national league championship. i think they are up against themselves, with something to prove. there’s a lot of history to overcome, a lot of conventional wisdom to prove wrong, and a lot of naysayers to be enlightened. because, truth be told, st. […]

baseball update


kirk and i get tickets to the last home game at shea every year, and this year is no exception. so we were there last night, although we left after the 4th inning. to be honest, i hate when people leave the game early (it’s one of my biggest baseball pet peeves), but it was […]

national (league) disgrace


honestly, i think i’m giving up on watching the all-star game. probably not really. i’m sure i’ll watch next year. but right now, i can’t imagine watching it. it’s an exercise in frustration. if you missed last night’s game, the american league won 3-2. the national league had a 2-1 lead, in the ninth inning, […]

in the front row


well, not the exact front row, but damn close. at the mets game last night. kirk and i buy tickets for a lot of mets games. usually we end up going to at least 5 or 6 games, sometimes more. and when we buy tickets we always get the upper deck. not because we are […]

bye bye bonds, and others as well


there are several people i want to say goodbye to. i don’t want them in my life anymore, and they are kind of unavoidable. for the most part, anyway. i know i could stop watching certain shows, and whatnot, but i like those shows and i like that whatnot. so i’m not going to change. […]

not a great day for sports


yesterday, that is. the mets won, and that was the bright spot. even though it doesn’t ultimately matter in the postseaon scheme of things, the mets will go out on a high note, above .500 and with several young players that we’ll be seeing for years. but the red sox lost, and even though it […]

lets go mets, part 19


i got tickets to tonight’s mets game through a contact at work. thanks, contact at work! they are great seats–field box level, right up front, off to the third base side a bit, so you have to crane your neck a bit, but who am i to complain? and, even though the game means absolutely […]

let’s go mets


wow. usually a baseball team that scores 14 runs in a game will lose the next game. usually by a score of 2-1 or something like that. but the mets have done it two nights in a row. on the road. they said on tv (i’m going to get the exact figures wrong) that no […]

quick takes


number something in a series of some as yet determined number, where i talk briefly about a lot of things, rather than in-depth about one thing. like i never digress in any of my blogs. anyway, here they are.