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Category Archives: cats

pd, useless no more


pd is my cat. actually she was kirk’s cat, and now she’s our cat. and actually i have two cats, pd and morgan. but pd (the black and white cat in the sidebar picture) is today’s subject. pd is useless no more. i wrote about pd previously, and it was very facetious. let me stress […]

my cat pd


i recently added the “cast of characters” to the sidebar of the site–it’s basically a bunch of my cell phone pictures linked to various pages and blogs on my site. i put up a picture of my cat pd–she’s the lovely black and white cat. but with no story about pd to link it to, […]

i killed my cat


well, not literally, like with a butcher knife or a lawnmower. but did i feed my cat to death? i can’t get the idea out of my head, so you be the judge. it’s been a while since i had to put my cat to sleep, and i can just now talk about it all […]