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where to begin?


with, of course, a bulleted list. » why no posts? I set aside everything else in my life to concentrate on school. just ask kirk, the man who got our new york apartment sold in the worst recession in fifty years, found us an awesome new house in reading, pa., packed us up and moved […]

it’s official


barack obama elected president. and to celebrate, i got job-eliminated. that’s the polite term for laid off. it was a huge layoff at my company, so i had plenty of, well, company. so i’ll be putting president-elect obama’s economy rebuilding skills to a personal test. it should be more traumatic than it is, but in […]

25-May-08 — great idea for a google maps mashup site. you type in your address, and it gives an overall ranking of your living quarters on a scale from 1 to 100, in terms of walking distance to types of businesses. here’s my walk score: love it. i guess my distance from a movie theater […]

unsolicited recommendation: schwinn 431 elliptical trainer


kirk and i have been paying way too much money for bally gym memberships for years and years. when we go, which is sporadically at best, the only machine we really use is the elliptical cross trainer. sometimes some weight machines, but generally just the cross trainer. we have to go to the gym in […]

getting caught up


with the holidays upon us, it’s been a while since i posted. here’s what’s been going on: » we had a holiday/housewarming party. tremendous fun, attended by ~30 of our friends at one point or another. we had it on saturday 12/1 from 5pm until ???. the ??? turned out to be about 1:30am. old […]

thanksgiving plans


first of all, a day early, but i won’t be blogging tomorrow — happy thanksgiving! our plans? usually, they involve lots of yummy pennsylvania dutch starchiness when we visit kirk’s parents, but this year we’re staying home. kirk’s parents had a previous commitment (on thanksgiving? whatever.) and it’s our first year in our new apartment […]

unsolicited recommendation:


for years, kirk and i just left our liquor bottles in a disorganized clump on the floor. with our holiday party coming up, we thought it might be nice to have a small liquor cabinet to put the bottles in, something that had a top that could double as a small dry bar. so kirk […]

happy halloween 2007


kirk’s pumpkin on the left, my pumpkin on the right. click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture. i’m a strict adherent to the “triangles and variations thereof” school of pumpkin carving. kirk believes in making his pumpkins look as much like ike from south park as possible. i’m looking forward to actually having trick-or-treaters […]

briefly noted


» the last piece of the kitchen renovation puzzle is almost in place. the final cabinet (the one that replaced the microwave cart) has been assembled, and rafael our super cut the countertop to size. he did an incredible job — you can’t tell which is the uncut side and which is the trimmed side. […]

distracted easily by shiny objects


now that the coop renovation is nearly complete, kirk and i are trying to get our financial house back in a bit of order. nothing outrageous, but we want to watch it a bit on the large expenses. don’t eat out so much, don’t buy expensive electronics like an iphone. things like that. anyway, we […]

my television-free life


it’s been several months since kirk and i decided to drop digital cable, and stop watching television. there was some apprehension, and some trepidation (would we miss watching baseball?). it was a financial savings, to be sure — our cable bill went from $120 per month with time warner cable before the move (digital tv […]

apartment renovation update


we’ve made some good progress on the apartment renovation front. and, in true me fashion, i can’t stop being obsessed with ikea and we’re planning more cabinets for the kitchen. kirk wrote a bit about what we’ve been up to, and posted some pictures, and i posted some pictures on a great site i found […]

the last move of my life is complete


well, the last one if i have anything to do with it. i’ve always thought that i’d love to retire in nyc — i want to retire in a place where i don’t have to drive a car. and since kirk staunchly vetoes sun city center, florida, where i could drive a golf cart to […]

if you don’t like the weather


…then just wait, because it will change. or so the saying goes. at this time last week, i was bemoaning the heat and humidity. we were painting the new apartment, so you can’t close up the windows and turn on the air conditioner. fumes, and being overcome, and all. this week we are having the […]

photo gallery of the renovation


kirk has consolidated the renovation pictures into one gallery of photos. i’m exhausted, but we’re almost done. the wood floors get refinished this week, we finish as much as possible next weekend, and we move on monday 7/23. whew.

benjamin moore aura paint: an unsolicited recommendation


i thought kirk had lost his mind when he said we should buy this special paint from benjamin moore. i went along with getting our friend deana, the color specialist, up to the apartment to choose paint colors. up until this point i had been an enthusiastic advocate of ceiling, trim, and walls all in […]

can’t stand the inactivity


a month ago, i was complaining that there was so much to do to close on the apartment, but because of timing there was nothing i could start on. i don’t wait well. i have a list in my head of what needs to be done, and i know what the deadline is, and i […]

new apartment–exhausted and exhilarated


well it happened. we closed on thursday and have spent the last two days tearing out the kitchen and getting ready for the renovation. we’ve pulled out all the kitchen cabinets and flooring, we’ve prepped the walls for priming and painting, we’ve scheduled the plaster guys to come in next week and redo the ceiling, […]

closing delayed again


at this rate, i’ll be retired when i finally move in. seriously, the latest word is probably early next week, with an outside shot at late this week. aaaaaargh.

pins and needles


that’s what i’m on, waiting for the closing date for our apartment. kirk and i, if you haven’t heard, are buying a coop in riverdale, in the bronx, in new york city. we’ll be homo-wners. sorry — old, bad, joke. i’ve done everything i can do, which is the big problem. when there’s something i […]